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There is no substitute for experience

Our public affairs team has operated in some of our country’s most senior political and governmental roles, so we are uniquely positioned to help you drive change for your government relations objectives. Whether you are looking to shape national policy, make or change legislation or dive into regulations that affect your business, we can help.

We can advise you on how government at all levels works, the people and relationships involved in decision-making, and the political and policy context in which decisions will be made.

We tailor strategies to meet your needs and are specialists in:


Public policy development

Drive change that affects how we live and work. We can help you design, shape, influence or create momentum for public policy.

Regulatory change

How regulations are written can have a material impact on your business or organization. Our team will ensure you understand how to track and comment on their development.

Intelligence gathering

Politics is ever-changing. Stay informed with regular updates on people and events that shape the policy agenda.

Coalition building

Amplify impact and influence on public policy and governments at all levels. We can help build a coalition of advocates to echo your messages to stakeholders and help shift perceptions to achieve common goals.

Assessing + managing political risk

The dynamic political landscape can affect your organization’s priorities. Work with our specialists to create a realistic understanding of political risk and develop a strategic approach to manage these challenges effectively.

Legislative strategy + monitoring

Let us help you navigate the formal process that governments follow to pass or change laws. We will monitor government and other groups to gather the intelligence that will impact your team and its priorities.

Stakeholder mapping + outreach

Know your stakeholders. We will work with you to identify key elected officials, political staff, government officials and third-party validators, and develop strategies to reach them effectively.

Profile building + thought-leadership positioning

Build your organization’s profile as a public policy influencer. Our team helps you showcase your expertise and develop a reputation as leader in your industry.

Lobby days

Have your voice heard by decision-makers. We help you schedule and navigate these targeted outreach sessions with the right politicians and influencers.

Indigenous relations services

Our Indigenous relations services support Indigenous communities to effectively move government decision-making processes and help non-Indigenous organizations move on a path to reconciliation and understanding.

Why Earnscliffe?

We are Canada’s leaders in strategic communications, government relations and opinion research. This is no small claim, but it’s one we own every day. For more than 30 years, we have been helping our clients achieve their goals in public affairs. We’re ready to help you move forward.

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