Daniel Bernier has over 25 years of experience serving a wide range of clients, consisting of private sector, national associations and various levels of government.

He has a strong background in policy development and has extensive knowledge of decision-making processes used within government agencies, both provincial and federal. His skills and experience extend from international trade to federal-provincial relations. For the past 10 years, he has been working in public affairs in Ottawa and in Quebec. Nationally, he made his mark by leveraging his significant expertise in the transport, natural resources, public health, environment, and green technology sectors. In addition to the above positions he served as the executive director of the NAFTA Secretariat Commission for Labor Cooperation in Washington, DC.

Within the political sphere, as chief of staff to the Minister of Environment Canada, Daniel was responsible for organizing bilateral meetings with White House advisors. He also served as an executive assistant and as an advisor to the International Trade Critic, and an advisor to International Trade Minister John C. Crosbie after the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Mexico.

As chief of staff to the Minister of Tourism for the province of Quebec, and the regional Minister of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, Daniel oversaw regional industrial development projects as well as files related to the Olympic installations, and played a key role in passing a bill that created the Ministry of Tourism. Daniel also stood out as director-general of the Canadian Council for Professional Fish Harvesters. During the seven years he worked there, Daniel was involved in establishing a national and international network of associations from more than 30 countries. He has been honored for his contributions to the fisheries sector.

A dedicated community member, Daniel actively promotes the growth of La Tablée des chefs and the C2 Montréal conference.

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