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Opinion and market research is essential

We dig into how many people think what, who they are, what drives their thinking and what can affect their views or activate their engagement.

Our team has the survey tools, both qualitative and quantitative, and opinion research expertise to provide you with a greater understanding of the subtleties and nuances of your issue or the reactions that can be generated by campaign materials or messages – regardless of whether you need to be concerned with the entire population or just a handful of decision-makers, influencers or stakeholders.

We know how to steer your opinion and market research strategies, choose your tactical approaches and improve their effectiveness, and when this knowledge is developed with and for our integrated strategic communications, digital and government relations experts, the results are exponentially greater.

The right insights at the right  moment

Our integrated and flexible team will deliver the right insights to you – at the right moment. The Earnscliffe Opinion Research team is composed of seasoned veterans in research and polling, well-versed in research to serve the policymaking process, and has a depth of experience in media.

When you work with us, you can be confident we’re conducting research that is best suited to help you better understand your issue(s) and unlock potential opportunities. And here’s a list of specific ways that we can support your outcomes.

We tailor strategies to meet your needs and are specialists in:

Public opinion environment assessment

Understand your audience and prevailing public sentiment. Using a wide range of tools to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, our team draws on years of research experience and public issues awareness to collect the insights you need.

Policy/program formulation, evaluation and analysis

Make your case and achieve your goals. Our highly specialized analysis of public opinion and the public policy environment will help inform your program and policy decision-making

Product/service/concept testing and evaluation

Test the market interest in your new or existing product or service. We can also test market acceptance of new concepts and offerings considering value, frequency, price point and audience need.

Exploratory and secondary research

Get the data and insights you need. Our team can generate and provide expert analysis of original co-designed research or review and provide analysis of existing research.

Issue awareness and impressions/perceptions

Navigate public discourse and sentiment. Our team helps you place your issue in the proper public context and determine how your organization or project is perceived.

Client/User/Member satisfaction and consultation

Understand member satisfaction and satisfaction drivers. We will help identify what, if anything, needs to be done to increase membership, retention and satisfaction.

Message and advertising testing and evaluation

Find precision and effectiveness in your communications tactics and presentation. We test concepts, storyboards, messaging, websites, video, audio and images to ensure that they add to your success.

Brand, reputation and positioning research

Perception matters. Whether for your internal or external audiences, your brand and public positioning define you in the marketplace. Our analysis will help you define, change or build your brand and reputation.

Stakeholder consultation

Enhance your stakeholder communication. We can help you better understand the unique needs of each audience and group so you can effectively present your issue, proposal or project.  

Risk or crisis management

Understand the risk or crisis you are facing. Working with our Communications and Digital team, we will gauge the magnitude of the situation, identify the audiences that matter, test messaging and monitor how the crisis evolves.

Indigenous Insights

Our toolkit includes a variety of approaches


Quantitative research

  • Telephone surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Intercept surveys
  • Mail-back surveys
  • Consultations


Qualitative research

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Communities/Ethnographies
  • Bulletin boards
  • Mystery shops

Why Earnscliffe?

We are Canada’s leaders in strategic communications, government relations and opinion research. This is no small claim, but it’s one we own every day. For more than 30 years, we have been helping our clients achieve their goals in public affairs. We’re ready to help you move forward.

Your Earnscliffe team