Velma McColl is a senior strategist, bringing a deep understanding of business, government, policy and our changing social landscape to all her work. She provides insights on a range of issues including M&A, innovation, the energy transition, Indigenous reconciliation, women’s issues, international development and emerging technologies. She has been a driving force in the growth and diversification of Earnscliffe’s business over the last two decades. 

Prior to joining Earnscliffe in 2004, Velma advised federal Cabinet Ministers on politics, policy and communications. She has worked provincially in British Columbia and Alberta and has clients across the country. She seeks creative solutions across federal/provincial/territorial, North American and international boundaries. Her career includes success as an entrepreneur and experience working collaboratively to change conversations and build coalitions across business, academia, think tanks, not-for-profit organizations and the public sector. 

A proud mother and Westerner with more than twenty years’ experience in Ottawa, Velma studied at the University of British Columbia and the Banff School of Management. She has supported several organizations with her time and capacities, including Smart Prosperity, Ecotrust Canada, The Natural Step, the Black Opportunity Fund, Green Economy Canada, Foundations for Social Change, River House Capital Campaign (Ottawa River Watershed) and the Ryan’s Well Foundation. She is a dynamic leader exploring intergenerational solutions, and always finding resilience in people, nature and community.

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