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Activate your

We activate your supporters, coalition, and consumers by finding unique and thoughtful ways to collaborate with community influencers. This means you will achieve acceptance sooner by identifying and tackling the pain points early on.

When you need your audiences to rally behind your cause, change their approach or call upon their communities, we create the environment and leverage the right tools to make that possible, from grassroots to government. We help clients move the needle on public opinion through direct engagement, connecting like-minded allies or responding to a challenging situation quickly.

Move the needle on public opinion

Our research team can dig into how many people think what, who they are, what drives their thinking and what can affect their views – this helps us create for you a reliable road for the optimal opinion environment.

We have the tools and expertise to provide you with a greater understanding of the subtleties and nuances of your issue or the reactions that can be generated by campaign materials or messages – regardless of whether you need to be concerned with the entire population or just a handful of decision-makers, influencers or stakeholders.

When you work with us, our actionable insights will help you work effectively with communities and overcome virtually any challenge

Take a look at how our government relations, communications and digital, and opinion research consultants can support you. Our team brings years of experience to strategic planning that will save you time and resources, while ensuring that you act with clarity.

Why Earnscliffe?

We are Canada’s leaders in strategic communications, government relations and market research. This is no small claim, but it’s one we own every day. With more than 30 years’ experience helping our clients succeed, we know the importance of being in touch with the right perspectives, leveraging top-notch expertise and pooling insights to shape a winning strategy that is a catalyst for change.