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Leverage our experts’ experience and insight to simplify your complex challenges with crafted strategies

Our senior-level, experienced advisors will create a winning strategy for even the most complex issues and challenges that will lead to measurable success.

We create a clear framework that describes the purpose, stakeholders and the ambition of your work. This plan can also be used to identify stakeholders and create a shared understanding of your mission and vision among all stakeholders. We create communications and stakeholder maps that increase your impact.

We have the tools, approaches and expertise to provide you with an opinion research-driven understanding of the subtleties and nuances of your issue or the reactions that can be generated by campaign materials or messages – regardless of whether you need to be concerned with the entire population or just a handful of decision-makers, influencers or stakeholders.

Our depth of experience and relationships make us excellent partners to help you and your team navigate the complexities of our changing world

Take a look at how our government relations, communications and digital, and opinion research consultants can support you. Our team brings years of experience to strategic planning that will save you time and resources, while ensuring that you act with clarity.

Why Earnscliffe?

We are Canada’s leaders in strategic communications, government relations and market research. This is no small claim, but it’s one we own every day. With more than 30 years’ experience helping our clients succeed, we know the importance of being in touch with the right perspectives, leveraging top-notch expertise and pooling insights to shape a winning strategy that is a catalyst for change.