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Regulatory Pressure Gauge

The Regulatory Pressure Gauge (RPG) is an innovative tool developed by Earnscliffe Strategies to measure the pressure that the public is applying on a government to intervene or intervene further to address an unsatisfactory situation involving a given industry.

The RPG exposes insights that are crucial for developing effective Government Relations strategies. It equips clients with vital information on the environment facing their sector and facing politicians and policy-makers. Additionally, it produces detailed profiles of the pressure-applying segment, enabling GR professionals to target the audience that requires the most attention and engagement.

Our proprietary tool 

Gauges the regulatory pressure specific to any sector or company at any time

Compares a client’s situation to norms, to other sectors or to other companies

Tracks how pressure evolves over time, including from government to government

Enables targeting of campaigns to reduce regulatory pressure

Pressure matters. Monitor it to ensure clients are informed, prepared and have strategies that best suit the context.

Pilot study 

In Canada, our pilot program assessed the pressure facing the Government of Canada across 15 federally regulated industries, including establishing norms, and explored its connection to specific corporate brands. We found varying situations, with some industries having a focal brand attracting most pressure, while others lacked a clear link to any specific corporate entity.

Among 15 sectors, grocery was the one for which the government was under the most intense pressure to intervene, measured at twice the average level of pressure the government faces on a day-to-day to take some sort of action relating to any sector.

On September 14, 2023, the Prime Minister addressed the public pressure by announcing a range of measures that will be introduced that will significantly impact the grocery sector.

These measures included a call for major grocery store chains to stabilize grocery prices in the near term, immediately convening leaders of major grocery chains to a meeting in Ottawa, immediate steps to enhance competition across Canada with a focus on the grocery sector and proposed legislative amendments to the Competition Act.

The following dashboard provided for the grocery sector incorporates additional data to showcase the practical application of this model and how it can accumulate increased value over time. The tracking data presented is for illustrative purposes and has been simulated for this demonstration.

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