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What are Perception Audits?

Perception Audits are a valuable process conducted by an independent third party to gain insight into how stakeholders perceive your organization, its issues, efforts, and ideas. Rather than trying to persuade, the primary aim is to gain knowledge and understanding.

Earnscliffe’s Perception Audits provide valuable insights into how stakeholders perceive your organization, its issues, efforts, and ideas. Our expert-led interviews ensure openness and meaningful data that prioritizes client needs, followed by concise reports summarizing trends and differences, and offering valuable recommendations for your organization’s future direction.

Expert-led interviews

Outsourcing the interviews to a third party fosters a climate of openness and honesty among respondents, resulting in more meaningful and valuable data. The objectives of these audits are driven by the client’s needs and serve the client’s interests.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the process, potential respondents are carefully selected with input and approval from the client. The interview guides are meticulously crafted by experienced Earnscliffe opinion research professionals, and clients have the final say in their content.

These interviews, typically lasting 20-30 minutes, are conducted by a small team of opinion research experts. This approach offers several advantages, such as consistent data collection, ensuring that the individuals writing the report are those who heard the responses firsthand, and avoiding any confusion or compromise in the interactions with respondents.

While the primary goal is not to persuade, it’s worth noting that many interviewees appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback, which underscores the value of the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders.

Actionable insights

The resulting reports are concise and provide a summary of both emerging trends and differences in stakeholder perceptions. They not only meet the information objectives but also offer valuable recommendations for the organization’s future endeavors.

Why Earnscliffe?

We are Canada’s leaders in strategic communications, government relations and opinion research. This is no small claim, but it’s one we own every day. For more than 30 years, we have been helping our clients achieve their goals in public affairs. We’re ready to help you move forward.