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Our experts provide the necessary strategy in key elements of ESG

ESG is the integration of environmental, social and governance values into the work of businesses, governments, and not-for-profits. There is a dramatic shift underway from shareholder capitalism to blended stakeholder capitalism where ESG is a foundational part of business and investment decisions. Organizations seeking sustainable and ethical practices are committing to ESG programs.

British Columbia has taken a leadership role with an ambitious commitment to promoting the province as a destination market for ESG investors. The provincial government is establishing an ESG Capital Framework. This plan will integrate ESG across all its elements, with a commitment to public accounting and an overhaul of how capital investment decisions are made. This provincial initiative affects anyone doing business in British Columbia and will set a precedent for public and private engagement across the country.

The latest federal budget outlined a ESG disclosure plan to require federally regulated financial institutions to begin reporting on climate-related financial risks. ESG will become a global norm, and governments, NGO’s, customers, and communities will be sensitized to ESG and will demand more. Organizations must act now to shape their own ESG commitment and be at the vanguard of change.


  • Public opinion research
  • Communications and government/stakeholder relations for organizations with environmental
  • problems or solutions
  • Content expertise in cleantech, energy and resources
  • Engagement and partnership with Indigenous communities


  • Community and stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Workforce development, inclusion, diversity and equity, and labour relations
  • Geopolitical analysis, strategy
  • Coalition building and mobilization
  • Communication and media plans


  • Corporate strategy
  • Board governance development and design
  • Inclusion, diversity and equity with talent mapping
  • Identification and alignment with government and regulatory requirements, policies etc.
  • Policy development

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