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Earnscliffe’s innovative, proprietary tool for gauging public pressure on governments and regulators to reform regulations. This tool allows for the monitoring of historical, ongoing, and evolving pressures tailored to any industry or company, enabling precise strategies to alleviate such pressure, anticipate upcoming regulatory shifts, and align with strategic planning goals.

ESG is the integration of environment, social and governance values into the work of businesses, governments, and not-for-profits. There is a dramatic shift underway in Canada to blended stakeholder capitalism where ESG is a foundational part of business and investment decisions. Organizations seeking sustainable and ethical practices are committing to ESG programs and Earnscliffe can help.   

Earnscliffe’s Perception Audits provide valuable insights into how stakeholders perceive your organization, its issues, efforts, and ideas. Our expert-led interviews ensure openness and meaningful data that prioritizes client needs, followed by concise reports summarizing trends and differences, and offering recommendations for your organization’s future direction.

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