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We know how to regain trust and rebuild reputations

Our strategic advice can help you protect your people, your assets and your operations. 

The most effective way to deal with a crisis is to be prepared before it happens. Whether it’s developing preventative measures, creating a winning strategy that responds to ongoing issues or management during an active crisis, we know how to support the health of your organization’s reputation over the long term. 

An ounce of prevention

Sometimes, the unthinkable happens. You can relax, knowing we’ve helped you put superior preventative and proactive measures in place if it does. We’ll conduct a communications audit to see how prepared you are if a crisis hits, and recommend a crisis communications plan so you can act swiftly to protect your people, your assets and operations. We’ll run training and response exercises so your organization is familiar with protocols needed. 

Managing an active crisis

We stand ready to assist at a moment’s notice when you need it most. We can help you through the initial hours, days and weeks of a crisis. We’ll have a crisis strategy developed, approved and back to you within 24 hours of engagement. Your crisis is ours too – we know the best approach is to set up a War Room and we are available to you 24/7. We’ll pay attention to what people are saying, offering ongoing media and social media monitoring, analysis and, when it’s recommended, we’ll help you shape a response through messaging we’ve tested. We can help with a key stakeholder strategy, identifying who we need to reach out to. 

Repair + rebuild

Crises end, issues don’t. Your long-term reputation depends on your response. We’ll build a reputational strategy (consumer-facing if required) driven by survey research. We’ll conduct a stakeholder and customer perception audit, test messaging and how it’s landing, and position you when ready to offer thought leadership in your space through speaking engagements and/or editorials and a full media plan. We’ll create a full stakeholder strategy and government relations plan, identifying who we need to reach out to and how.

Perception is reality, trust and reputation matter 

The way an organization responds operationally to a crisis has important consequences on its business. But the way it communicates that response and its actions going forward can be just as important. We customize our approach to your organization’s needs. Our services include:  

  • Advising your crisis response teams  
  • Drafting the crisis communications plan  
  • Managing all aspects of communications in a crisis  
  • Specialized media training for all spokespeople  
  • Developing key communications assets  
  • Overseeing all digital and social media requirements  
  • Leading simulations  
  • Conducting evaluations and analysis  
  • Providing follow-up advice and training 

Your Earnscliffe team

The Earnscliffe crisis team has provided communications leadership through some of the most significant crises of our time in Canada – from major industrial accidents and natural disasters to employee misconduct, cyberattacks, political mismanagement and other reputational crises – for some of the largest companies, public sector agencies and all three levels of government.

Megan Buttle

Digital Lead

Anna Lilly


Cam McAlpine, APR


Kiki Cloutier


Mélanie Richer

Senior Consultant

Naseam Ahmadi

Senior Consultant

Why Earnscliffe?

Earnscliffe’s people are leaders in solution delivery and masters of their fields. They are our advantage, and they will become yours.  

Our government and public policy team understands the process, players and timing to position your team as innovative thought leaders and help you drive change. Our opinion research team ensures our work is underpinned by the data and insights that allow us to deliver clear and actionable recommendations. Our strategic digital and communications team know how to move opinions, generate momentum and connect with key audiences.  

Your situation is unique to you. Earnscliffe’s purpose-built teams and adaptable approaches have a 30-year track record of delivering strategies which will set you up for success. Put simply, our team will get it right so you can move forward with confidence.