• Nov 28, 2019
  • Media

Minority Report: House leaders – the good and the bad

Featuring Yaroslav Baran. Podcast published by iPolitics.

In the return of the (un)official Minority Report panel, iPolitics’ Charlie Pinkerton and Kady O’Malley are joined by Samara Centre for Democracy senior research associate Paul Thomas and Earnscliffe Strategy Group principal Yaroslav Baran, who was also a longtime aide to former prime minister Stephen Harper and a chief of staff to both a Conservative Government House Leader and Government Whip.

This second instalment of Minority Report focuses on the role of leaders in the House of Commons. After talking about what they’ve observed in the first non-sitting month of the new Parliament [02:01], the group discusses the position of the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and if new appointee Pablo Rodriguez is up to the task [06:46]. They also touch on former House leader Bardish Chagger’s bad rap.

Then the group talks about who will be the opposition House leaders and what their jobs will entail [14:51].

The conversation takes a turn to topics that include how the House rules could change in this Parliament [18:16] and what’s to be expected in the election of the Speaker of the House of Commons [24:36], the importance of House leaders’ meetings [27:31] and the power of the new ‘post-caucus,’ ‘black box of mystery,’ ‘wildcard’ Senate in this government.

Finally: Storytime. Baran, O’Malley and Thomas all share stories indicative of effective House leadership [34:31].”

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