Manan is a Consultant with Earnscliffe’s national communications and digital team, bringing demonstrated marketing, graphic design, brand development, research and organizational experience.

Prior to joining Earnscliffe, Manan worked as a Marketing and Communications Associate with The Health Employers Association of BC, where his legacy with content creation, print/digital campaigns, data analytics, and web development continues to live on and make an impact in the public health recruitment and retention efforts of the Province. There, he worked with stakeholders at various levels of the organization and government and promptly adapted to dynamic environments. He thrives on collaboration and creativity and strives to deliver high-quality work that empowers and helps build trust in brands.

Manan holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology from McGill University and has continued to fuel his appetite for learning through courses in Communication Design, Industrial Design and Architecture at Emily Carr University. With his interdisciplinary solutions-based approach and international experience, Manan brings diverse perspectives that uniquely position him to understand and navigate complex challenges with ease.

He supports the community by volunteering his time and skills to help emerging non-profits and small businesses integrate and compete in the digital world.


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