Alice Dean is a public relations professional with a wealth of experience garnered in the dynamic realm of Canadian politics. Based in Ottawa, she has carved a career path that reflects a commitment to excellence, collaborative leadership, and a passion for effective communication.

Alice has been an integral part of the political landscape, having served in the Leader’s Office for a Federal Major Political Party Leader on Parliament Hill. With a tenure that spans back to 2011, she has been a linchpin in shaping and executing strategic communication initiatives.

Her proficiency in managing researchers sets her apart, having overseen and directed teams in every election cycle since 2011. Alice has consistently navigated the challenging landscape of political campaigns, demonstrating her acumen in research, writing, and data management.

A proud alumna of Carleton University, Alice graduated with distinction, holding a Combined Honours in Political Science and Legal Studies. Her pursuit of academic excellence extended to Johns Hopkins SAIS in Bologna, Italy, where she earned a graduate diploma in Conflict Resolution. Currently on the academic frontier, she is working towards completing her Masters Certificate in Project Management at Carleton University.

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