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At the cutting edge

The rise of accessible generative artificial intelligence (AI) has propelled discussions about both the promise and peril of AI to the forefront of public discourse including what regulations, if any, will be established in the short term. The direction this conversation takes will have significant implications for the future of AI in Canada. Because public perceptions are both rapidly evolving and going to be a factor influencing decisions, now is the time to develop a greater understanding of the public opinion environment in Canada.

  • Canada’s first comprehensive study of public opinion of AI.
  • A nationally representative online survey of 2,000 people living in Canada, weighted to the census.

The essentials

This study provides a comprehensive look at the essentials of public opinion on AI.

Current understandings

General awareness, level of demand for action, personal experience with AI, and competency with AI.

Public perceptions

Benefits and promises, sources of anxiety and stressors.

Principles and preferences for regulations

Going beyond the topline

In addition, it offers an in-depth look at the following:

Industry-specific perceptions of AI
Specific sources or spokespeople relied upon as AI authorities
Insights into the AI startup landscape
Emerging and evolving issues or trends
Segmentation analysis of early adopters and laggards, enthusiasts, and skeptics
What’s included
  • A comprehensive long-form report
  • An online presentation of the results by an Earnscliffe principal
  • Access to the data tables
  • Proprietary questions can be purchased

Informing your strategies

Among the Canadian public how many, and who, will engage on AI policy? Who are your target audiences?
What is driving opinions of the engaged public?
What do stakeholders, businesses, NGOs, policy-makers, and elected representatives need to bear in mind in order to leverage, address, or respond to the engaged public?

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