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A range of expertise to build the right strategic solution

From urgent requirements to long-term strategies, Earnscliffe offers a complete range of strategic solutions to meet almost any need. Our flexible approach ensures every team we put together – and therefore every client – has the precise knowledge and expertise they need when they need it to understand, inform and act. See how we can help you.

Our solution offerings

Corporate strategy

More than ever, it is imperative to consider not just what you do, but how you do it. We can help you develop, navigate and effectively communicate your strategic objectives, while assuring accountability and transparency.

Supporting services

  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate communications
  • Digital platform audits (social media and web)
  • Executive social media planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions (investor relations, Investment Canada Act reviews, procurement, market entry, foreign direct investment, integration planning)
  • ESG (environmental policy, corporate social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion, governance reviews, key performance indicators and data interpretation)
  • Branding and design

Awareness and advocacy

The ability to communicate key information in a timely and authentic way is absolutely critical. Combining opinion research and communications expertise with a deep understanding of your political, policy and community environments, we can help you curate purposeful content and develop effective delivery plans designed to engage with your key audiences through the platforms that are most relevant to them.

Supporting Services

  • Public affairs
  • Creative services
  • Media relations
  • Social media and community management support
  • Paid marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Annual/sustainability reporting
  • Opinion environment assessment 
  • Testing tactics 
  • Evaluation and tracking and social listening
  • Website design and production

Public policy and regulatory

There is no substitute for experience. Our team has operated in some of our country’s most senior political and governmental roles, so we are uniquely positioned to help you drive change. We can advise you on how government works, the players and relationships involved in decision-making, and the political and policy context in which decisions will be made.

Supporting services

  • Public policy development
  • Regulatory change
  • Coalition building
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Profile building
  • Thought-leadership positioning
  • Indigenous government engagement
  • Identifying and factoring opinion pressures 

Crisis management

Crisis communications is about trust and reputation. We provide strategic advisory services that can help you protect your people, assets and operations. We work with you and your team to effectively manage throughout a crisis, develop preventative and proactive measures, and respond to ongoing issues to support the continued positive reputation of your organization over the long-term.

Supporting services

  • Crisis communications
  • Perception audits
  • Social listening and management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Media management
  • Strategies driven by opinion research 
  • Rapid message optimization, testing and evaluation 
  • Reputation impact and fallout monitoring
  • Dark site design, production and management

Stakeholder and community engagement

Responsiveness to communities has never been more important in Canada. By identifying and tackling the pain points early on in a proposed project, we help you find unique and thoughtful ways to collaborate with community influencers to achieve acceptance. We provide actionable insights and advice to help you work effectively with communities and to overcome virtually any challenge.

Supporting services

  • Community acceptance
  • Stakeholder and public consultation
  • Focus groups
  • Engagement strategies
  • Environmental assessment and permitting
  • Indigenous community engagement
  • Targeted social and digital campaigns
  • Social media planning and optimization
  • Opinion research such as surveys, focus groups and online communities 

Association and member management

Engaging members is imperative to truly understand the needs of those you represent and to speak with one clear voice and message. We can help you with everything from the strategic development of your membership framework to member recruitment, onboarding, communications, engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Supporting services

  • Secretariat services
  • Policy development
  • Lobby days (virtual, hybrid and in-person)
  • Governance
  • Identifying, monitoring, and influencing member satisfaction 
  • Social media management, training and support
  • Member engagement campaigns
  • Gathering feedback and testing new benefits or offerings 
  • Member collateral design and production

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