• Jul 23, 2020
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FIPRA Network unveils new global advisory board

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Published July 2020. Click here to read the original.

If you are seeking services outside of Canada, or are located internationally and seeking to enter the Canadian marketplace, please contact Andre Albinati, lead for FIPRA Canada, at andre@earnscliffe.ca.

The FIPRA Network, a global network of boutique public affairs consultancies in more than 50 countries with a history of more than 20 years, is proud to announce the establishment of a new Advisory Board.

Consisting of 12 seasoned public affairs practitioners representing every continent, the Advisory Board will be responsible for defining the Network’s overall direction and strategic priorities. This development reflects a common aspiration across the membership to be the best at what the FIPRA Network does: providing consistently high-quality service to clients, and overcoming challenges together.

The Advisory Board consists of:

Dominique Reber will serve as President of the FIPRA Network Advisory Board, supported by two Vice-Presidents: Laura Batchelor and Abdul Waheed Patel.

“The success of our network stems from a rare combination of a deep understanding of our clients’ long-term global objectives and a singular ability to deliver on projects deploying time-tested, impactful local approaches,” said Dominique Reber, President of the newly-established Advisory Board.

Vice-President Laura Batchelor underlined the FIPRA Network’s unique political, policy, and regulatory expertise on every continent. “With this agile setup for the Network, we are responding to market needs by offering clients not only thematic but also geographical know-how. This nuanced approach is all the more important in the wake of Covid19,” she said.

“The best public affairs advice is tailor made,” Vice-President Abdul Waheed Patel commented. “Our clients have recognized that their global objectives can only be achieved effectively and efficiently if local circumstances are understood and respected, combined with adhering to and upholding the highest ethical and quality standards. The FIPRA Network exemplifies this approach.”

Founded in 2000, the FIPRA Network is a leading global network of public affairs consultancies in more than 50 countries. To know more about its global presence and expertise, click here.

For more information, contact: 

Rahul Venkit
FIPRA Network Marketing Director
+32 2 613 2828


Dominique Reber
President, FIPRA Network Advisory Board
+41 76 405 6585