• Oct 31, 2022
  • Insights

Earnscliffe Tech Profile: Technology disruptors changing the game for public affairs

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The last twelve months have been a challenging time for Canadian businesses and especially for those in the tech sector. Capital and investment are hard to come by and labour dynamics have been especially challenging in a period of inflation and now likely recession.

The companies that survive the next twelve months will need to:

  • Have strong product and market fit
  • Operate lean
  • Disrupt traditional industries; and
  • Leverage strategic partnerships

That is why Earnscliffe is excited about Ontopical. The Calgary-based company’s leadership team is experienced, strong and has a great vision. Their product can disrupt the North American public affairs sector and we believe we can be a strategic partner to help improve the product and contribute to market adoption.

Ontopical uses innovative capabilities of machine learning to identify relevant news and unlock business opportunities hidden within the scores of information released by governments across North America every day.

We know first-hand the challenges associated with monitoring government in real time through manual processes. Ontopical’s product can currently track every decision and recorded conversation in local governments across North America and has the potential to monitor all levels of government.

This can be a game changer for the government affairs industry. Automating the intelligence gathering function allows Earnscliffe to get critical information to our clients faster and advise them how it impacts them and what the strategy needs to be – in that exact moment.

This profile of Ontopical is the first step of many for Earnscliffe. We are investing in and giving back to the Canadian tech community. Ultimately we know this strategy will give our team members dynamic tools that can help to create a better service offering for our clients.

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