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Canadian Fuels Association

A national consumer awareness + education program.


Canadian Fuels Association


Opinion research
Strategic planning
Brand and website development
Paid marketing campaign
Influencer marketing


Shift perception of transportation fuel in Canada.

Building confidence and trust to shift Canadians’ perception of transportation fuel in Canada, by connecting Canadians’ aspirations of achieving emissions reductions with essential low-carbon fuel solutions that power their lives.  

Based on past research conducted by Earnscliffe Strategies in 2021, when asked about their specific views on the following ideas, 40% of Canadians hold all four collective views:

  • I support net-zero
  • It’s not going to be easy
  • Transportation fuels are a major contributor
  • Transportation fuels are not making major changes.

Many of these Canadians (58%) believe that the transportation fuels industry opposes net zero. The greatest challenge is shifting their thinking about the industry making minor changes to recognizing the sector as making major & significant changes. While Canadians think electric vehicles will be the most impactful, improving fuel efficiency is seen as the most realistic. There is an opportunity to connect with Canadians support of net-zero goals, and break industry misconceptions by tap into their desire to have access to other low-carbon options, like more efficient fuel.


Educate Canadians connected to fuel, influence conversations and affect change.

Prior to the launch of the Fuel Forward program, Earnscliffe conducted a series of ad and brand testing focus groups and a national survey to understand messaging through sentiment analysis, audience segmentation to inform our targeted marketing strategy and begin to benchmark and establish the groundwork for quarterly tracking surveys to evaluate campaign impact over time. 

The campaign/program included the development of a unique brand, variety of creative assets for social, digital and out-of-home placements, as well as the design and build of a new bilingual website (fuelforward.ca). The program leverages a series of targeted paid placements, influencers and partnerships to promote and amplify the messaging. Earnscliffe is helping to facilitate and create partnerships with other associations, interest-groups, corporate companies and government institutions. 

Prior to this program launch, Earnscliffe also supported CFA with the development of the association’s strategic plan and previous surveys over several years. We were able to build on these foundational pieces to create this broader program. 

Social media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Digital display

  • Pre-roll video
  • Re-targeting website visitors
  • News + community sites
  • Sports + lifestyle pages

Influencers + ambassadors

  • Social media lifestyle influencers
  • Celebrity influencers

Podcasts + audio

  • Sponsorship (by specific podcast)
  • Earned coverage
  • Spotify + Apple podcasts (by audience)


  • Search
  • InMail
  • Videos


  • Radio
  • Billboards near highways
  • Transit shelters in heavy commuter zones

Events + partners

  • Uber
  • Destination Canada
  • Calgary Stampede

Earned media

  • Consumer + trade publications
  • Mainstream media


Earnscliffe was instrumental in facilitating Board support and funding for a national 3-year consumer facing program to build awareness of the innovations and technology growth and shift public perception the transportation fuels industry.

This multi-year campaign began with concept and program planning, as well as leading the drafting of a federal funding proposal through the Clean Fuels Program for over $300,000 to support the program. 

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