Building a Saskatchewan business through a strong Prairie voice

September 11, 2018

Building a Saskatchewan business through a strong Prairie voice

Written by Kaveri Braid

Earnscliffe Strategy Group, a national government relations, strategic communications and opinion research firm, is thriving in Saskatchewan.  After five successful, steady years in the province, the firm is now adding another principal to its operations.  Jamie Miley, a well known public policy and communications strategist, will join the Earnscliffe team based in Saskatoon.

On the surface, this is your typical entrepreneurial story of growth, where Earnscliffe Saskatchewan began as a start-up. Through perseverance, exceptional strategic advice, and listening to and delivering on clients’ needs, the company has designed a fully comprehensive blueprint, on which to build a strong, successful business every year.

But aside from building a solid business plan, there is one major element that has helped build Earnscliffe’s business in Saskatchewan – the growing prairie voice.

For decades, people in Saskatchewan have been known to be humble – in fact we actually pride ourselves for not bragging.  And it’s because of that humility, Saskatchewan has been one of Canada’s best kept secrets for years.

I never got that until I moved here 16 years ago. As a young reporter with CBC Television, I was so fortunate to not only be able explore every corner of this province, but to be given the opportunity to  meet all kinds of people: the optimistic farmers who farmed for a better next year, the miners and oil patch workers who knew how to work hard and play hard, the CEOs who choose to create head offices in the province knowing their business would be supported here, and the Gen X’ers who knew that building a family life in Saskatchewan was something special.

Now fast forward 15 years -through a turnover in provincial governments, a thriving economy, and a population boom, no one would dispute that Saskatchewan is changing.  Yes, our economy is diversifying, and many different cultures are now calling the province’s cities and towns home, but the biggest difference is the Saskatchewan voice – we are getting louder.

Saskatchewan is by no means being boastful, but we are now protecting what we know is precious to this province: our natural resources, our economy, and our people.  So, the next time you hear someone from Saskatchewan fighting back on the carbon tax, advocating for pipelines, or grumbling about the lack of rail movement for grain farmers, it’s not just politicking – it’s the growing prairie voice protecting our property and our pride.

So, what does this have to do with business?  It is this strong, prairie voice that has helped grow a start-up business based in public policy and communications.  I have heard this strong prairie voice in all the Saskatchewan clients I have with whom I’ve collaborated, and it doesn’t seem to be backing down – nor should it.

Saskatchewan is unique, and so this province should be recognized for that.  The prairie voice should help shape future federal government policies and help create communications campaigns that make Canadians think.  This is the core foundation of Earnscliffe Saskatchewan – to help amplify the prairie voice and create a venue for both private and public businesses, and organizations to be heard, whether that’s on the political or public stage.

And as long as people in Saskatchewan want to make some noise, Earnscliffe Strategy Group will help plug in the speaker.