Sean Murphy is a Principal specializing in government relations, Parliamentary affairs and campaign organizing. 

Before joining Earnscliffe, Sean was the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Chief Opposition Whip, where he played a pivotal role in the usual (and often unusual) procedures of the Canadian Parliament. He spent over a decade on Parliament Hill where he served under six different Conservative Whips in both government and in opposition. Through his consistent presence and multifaceted roles, he developed a wealth of experience and understanding of the political landscape. 

Sean was a key figure in charting the daily operations in the House of Commons and its committees, helping MPs develop and implement strategies to achieve their desired policy and political outcomes. He was entrusted with providing guidance to Party Leaders, Ministers, and Members of Parliament, offering invaluable advice on a wide range of House and committee strategies and tactics. 

These elements provide our clients with the tools they need to navigate the complex political and legislative landscape effectively. Sean’s unique insights into how things really work on Parliament Hill help to equip our clients with uncommon knowledge and enable them to improve the quality of their interactions with decision-makers in Ottawa. 

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