• Mar 15, 2021
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Fireside chat with Adal Simeone, Human Capital Lead

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We sat down with Adal Simeone, Earnscliffe’s new Human Capital Lead, to discuss her commitment to build a workplace culture around the principles of JEDI, and her passion for fostering end-to-end talent management systems. Among Canada’s most respected and accomplished Human Capital Practice Leaders, Adal leads with conviction to create and sustain a safe and respectful workplace, an environment of transparency and trust, and a successful track record for hiring for character as well as credentials. Welcome to the Earnscliffe team, Adal!

What will you be doing in your new position as Earnscliffe’s Human Capital Lead?

I am focusing on Earnscliffe’s overall talent management efforts, and our commitments to continuing to build our culture around Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (or JEDI as we refer to it). Earnscliffe has committed to ensuring robust systems, processes and policies to enable our team to live our values of Excellence, Integrity, Trust, Team and Inclusion. Our Human Capital work is dedicated to empowering our team members by providing them with a framework to enable excellent client service, while bringing cohesion, openness and opportunity to all.

The principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are getting more attention than ever these days. Why do you think JEDI is an important component of Earnscliffe’s culture?

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are essential elements of transforming our company to continue to build a culture we are proud of. Earnscliffe has operated successfully for more than 30 years and JEDI is, and will be, a key part of our continued success. A deliberate focus on constant evolution and taking our team forward with purpose around these JEDI principles is creating a roadmap that empowers all of us to bring renewed commitments to the workplace to live and experience our values every day.

What projects are you most excited to accomplish this year?

I have many exciting ideas I can’t wait to tackle this year, but my first two priorities are JEDI and talent management.

Firstly, our JEDI work is not only a large priority for our leadership team, but also an essential part of how we deliver business excellence to our clients and the communities they serve, support, and engage.

Secondly, having a solid end-to-end talent management framework enables us to build a resilient team and foster a culture of growth, opportunity and collaboration. That means not just doing the work to bring in new talent, but to retain and grow that talent as well. We want our company culture to be the reason why people come – and stay.

What do you look for when hiring new talent?

We are in an exciting time at Earnscliffe! Our team is growing across each of its core service areas of Public Opinion and Market Research, Strategic Communications and Government Relations. As we bring on new talent, we are looking for a diversity of perspective and lived experience that is more broadly representative of all the communities and peoples living and working in Canada

Can you expand on your two guiding principles: “Oppression never has a seat at the table” and “Successful negotiations always offer something to each side.”

Oppression never has a seat at the table” – We continue to evaluate our systems and our biases and behaviours to build an anti-oppression mindset and culture. Focusing on fostering open, transparent, collaborative and constructive interactions amongst our team, and in supporting our clients, our goal is to ensure these principles are front and centre at every table.

Successful negotiations always offer something to each side” – An important part of Human Capital work often results in negotiating – whether amongst ourselves, with onboarding new team members or with how we assess and undertake our work. Negotiating with the intention of finding outcomes that work for all parties is part of how we include a diversity of perspectives, and how we demonstrate respect for all

Learn more about Adal’s work and expertise in Human Capital here.

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