Update Note: Quebec’s designation of essential products and services

Update Note: Quebec’s designation of essential products and services

As of midnight, on March 25th, the Quebec Government has ordered the closure of non-essential services and activities until April 13th. The move similar actions taken by the Ontario Government in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 and reduce community spread of the virus. As part of the order, the Quebec Government has outlined specific workplaces who provide essential services to be exempted in order to maintain the proper functioning of the province.

It is important to note that businesses can continue to operate remotely via teleconference, and digital means are encouraged to continue operating. There is also a provision for non-essential businesses, excluding stores to continue operating in a limited capacity to ensure they can resume their activities at a later date.


Examples of essential services include priority health care services, law enforcement, government services, food banks, infrastructure construction and maintenance, food production, grocery, pharmacies, etc.

For more detail, the full list of essential service and activities, or to fill the form provided to check if your business is concerned, please refer to the government website here.