Brian Botting brings over three decades of experience working federally in public policy and defence procurement. He has spent his career working closely with Canadian and international industry partners and has seen the issues from many different perspectives. Brian will provide clients with invaluable insights into government decision-making and expectations.

Brian has spent the last decade as a senior manager in the Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Branch of Industry Canada, managing major air and naval defence procurements. Over the years he has developed a sound reputation as someone who develops creative and highly successful outcomes on the most difficult procurements, setting standards for the recently announced improvements to Canada’s ITB policy.

Through the mid-1990’s, Brian led the team responsible for Patent Act policy through several multilateral trade agreements, review of the pharmaceutical patent legislation and policy surrounding the then emerging field of biotechnology. The strategic solutions implemented under Brian’s tenure have endured through several Governments despite the continuous and high profile debate surrounding these issues.

Prior to joining Industry Canada, Brian spent a number of years in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Government of New Zealand, and the private sector. He is a graduate of Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.