Strategic Communications and Digital Advocacy

Strategic Communications and Digital Advocacy

At Earnscliffe, we are dedicated to curating purposeful content designed to reach audiences that matter most to our clients, through the platforms in which those audiences choose to engage – print, broadcast, digital and/or social. Our principals have built some of the most powerful Canadian communications campaigns by combining these key factors.

We will work with you to seamlessly combine our superior communications expertise with a deep understanding of the political, policy and community environment in which you and your team are operating, to develop a strategic and focused approach that will align with your team’s goals, and achieve successful and measured outcomes.

Strategic Communications

Analyzing clients’ current communications environment to develop and execute a customized strategic plan for corporate communications, response, crisis management, message development, specific campaigns, or ongoing reputation and brand management. We will ensure you have the tools required, the training necessary and the expertise on-hand to deliver your message effectively, to the right audience, at the right time.

Engagement and Consultation

Facilitating win-win solutions for our clients, their key stakeholders, and local and Indigenous communities through deliberate consultation planning and meaningful engagement. We will work with you to design content focused on strengthening relationships and developing grass-roots advocacy to achieve your goals with on-the-ground positive outcomes. Effective engagement with internal and external audiences starts with planned and strategic facilitation and planning. Earnscliffe’s team of experts regularly provide facilitation and moderator services for our clients’ strategic planning and workshop needs.

Digital and Social Communications

Creating an online campaign with a focused approach using integrated campaign development and implementation, we’ll build creative web and social content designed to engage your audience or community, and identify and activate the champions of your brand, issue or cause.

Media and Presentation Training

Successful media relations are a craft that can be learned through media and presentation training—a set of skills that improve with practice.

Whatever the format, anticipation and preparation are keys to a successful media encounter. It’s also critical to start with a clear understanding of the news business, how reporters think, how they work, what they look for in a story, and how they will define, redefine or “frame” what they find.

That is where our media training courses start, with a clear understanding of the contemporary newsroom, today’s range of media platforms, how “news” is defined, and what to expect from different media. Our practical media training focuses on anticipating and preparing the questions, defining your audience, and developing effective messages. And then we practise, practise, practise. We role play in a “live interview” recorded setting, watch the recording and improve the skills through feedback and further practice.

Crisis Communications

Crises never show up according to schedule. They usually strike when we least expect them, and they can threaten your brand and bottom line, not to mention your reputation. That’s when you need an experienced set of hands to help you assess the situation, identify and measure the threats and help you deliver a clear plan for managing the crisis.

Earnscliffe’s crisis communications experts offer clients key insights from the political and corporate war rooms we have experienced firsthand. We know how to prepare in advance for a potential crisis through proactive planning, anticipate the toughest questions from the media, and how to prepare your bulletproof response.

Executive Speech Writing

Few occasions provide you with as powerful and concentrated an opportunity to drive your message as the Keynote Address.  Earnscliffe has unparalleled expertise in the marketplace to support clients with all their speech writing needs.  Our principals have decades of experience at the most senior levels – crafting speeches for CEOs, cabinet ministers, or Speeches from the Throne.  Our speech writers deliver superior results in a broad range of contexts:  from crisis management to issue framing, to campaign stump speeches to corporate strategy sessions. We are expert in capturing the voice of our clients, and matching content to strategic objectives.