Opinion and Market Research Specialists

Opinion and Market Research Specialists

Earnscliffe uses opinion research to drive quality strategic advice.  As sophisticated clients have learned, receiving truly effective strategic advice from opinion researchers – guidance you can act on – is rare. It requires a combination of skills and deep experience.  And that research needs to deliver more than metrics, spreadsheets and thick slide decks.

Earnscliffe has an embedded team comprised of some of Canada’s most respected researchers and thanks to our client-focused approach to service delivery, we can seamlessly combine our research experts with any of the other principals in the firm, leveraging in-house sectoral, policy or client understanding.  We’ve done it all and we know how to choose the right approach to meet your needs.

As a result, we have an enviable track record of delivering clear and actionable recommendations that go above and beyond what clients have come to expect from opinion research assignments.

Public Affairs and Public Policy

Having worked on a wide array of the most significant policy developments since 1990, Earnscliffe’s team of researchers has an exceptionally long and proud track record of conducting opinion research on public affairs and public policy – and turning that research into strategic advice for policy makers, regulators, corporate leaders, trade and professional associations, and not-for-profits.

Brand, Corporate Image and Reputation

Just about everything today has a brand.  Government programs, philanthropic initiatives and even policies have joined the world of products and services in having brands that convey a meaning and carry a message.  Earnscliffe knows how to help clients figure out whether target audiences regard a brand the way it is intended to be regarded and if not, we know how to find out how to fix that disconnect.  If a brand, corporate image or reputation is being held back due to tarnish or poor health, we can diagnose the cause, identify the remedy and monitor the results.

Advertising and Communications

Earnscliffe’s research team has a valuable role to play in providing the solid evidence that helps steer the development, refinement and evaluation of strategy, creative and messaging of advertising and communications concepts.  We perform final “disaster” checks to ensure nothing was lost converting from concept to execution, evaluate campaign effectiveness, and monitor long-term performance of advertising or any other sort of communications against strategic objectives among specific target audiences.

Issue and Crisis Management

When you’ve decided that you need research to help you manage a crisis you want a supplier that’s done this before, that understands your situation, who works fast and most of all that you can trust to give you valuable advice.  Our research team conducts research in a crisis on a stand-alone basis or working as an integrated member of the communications team supporting you throughout.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We facilitate win-win solutions for our clients, their key stakeholders, and local and Indigenous communities through deliberate consultation planning and meaningful engagement.  Earnscliffe research experts design and execute consultation processes to see how to get people on the same page and what that page looks like.  Our communications experts are also able to work with clients to design content focused on strengthening relationships and developing grass-roots advocacy to achieve goals with on-the-ground positive outcomes.