Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Strategic Communications

A three-legged stool describes the essential public affairs skills: research, government relations and strategic communications. The last is probably understood least.

Public relations without strategy is merely unread news releases. Media relations executed without an understanding of the audience, news organization focus, or professional relationships, is a waste of journalists’ time and your money. Strategic communications stripped of access to integrated research insights, or deep understanding of government access is a powerful racing car minus a steering wheel or fuel.

Earnscliffe offers the opposite. We have built some of the most powerful Canadian campaigns combining these skills.

Earnscliffe’s professionals have been schooled in the toughest communications battles from the famous free trade debates, to high profile corporate takeover fights, to serious reputation management challenges. We know how to prepare you for battle, how to ensure you have the ability to deliver your message effectively, and most importantly, how to win.

The key tools in strategic communications counsel are:


Strategic analysis of the communications environment your company faces;

Strategic planning of your communications response;

Crisis management planning, training and communications;

Message development and speechwriting support;

Social media campaigns and communications planning, including counter-attack management;

Focused media training.


For a chance to see the powerful tools that Earnscliffe can bring to your strategic communications needs, please get in touch with us.