Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Redefining Research

Many firms claim to offer senior strategic advice.

But as sophisticated clients have learned, effective strategic advice – guidance you can act on – is rare. It requires a combination of skills and deep experience. It is grounded in research, analysis and insight. And that research needs to deliver more than metrics, spreadsheets and thick slide decks.

Those clients who face complex, high-risk challenges often find that the advice they receive lacks analytic rigour, specific to their precise needs. They are also often frustrated by research that lacks the insight that comes with managing the issues their organization faces.

That is why Earnscliffe re-defined what the field of quality strategic advice grounded in research expertise looks like in Canada.

Typically our research studies fall into one of the following four categories:

We are uniquely qualified to help you understand how your organization or your issue is perceived and understood by key decision-makers, stakeholders and the general public.

Our expertise in the following areas is unparalleled:

Public opinion environment assessment

Policy/Program formulation, evaluation and analysis

Issue awareness and perceptions

Communications strategy development

Advertising & communications testing and evaluation

Client/User/Member satisfaction

Service evaluation

Employee engagement

Brand and corporate image, reputation and positioning

Stakeholder consultation

Website ideation, evaluation, usability testing and web channel testing

Risk or crisis management

Product development and concept testing and evaluation

We have no limitations to what methodology we can employ. For every research project we undertake, careful thought is given to our methodological and design recommendations. Our approach is to employ very specific tools for each client case.