Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Mergers & Acquisitions

Successful merger and acquisition projects are almost always the product of integrated teamwork. Bankers, lawyers, investor relations advisers, and government relations and communications advisers must work seamlessly, often over great distances under tremendous time pressures. Everyone needs to have absolute confidence in their team members’ competence and discretion.

Earnscliffe has these skills and discipline as part of our DNA. We have worked on some of the largest and most complex transactions in recent Canadian history.

We have experience turning around a major proxy document overnight in two languages. We understand the expectations of governments, regulators and the business media.

Earnscliffe has worked in virtually every business sector on large transactions with some of Canada’s most senior M&A legal and financial teams in mining, oil and gas, agriculture, telecoms, transportation, and finance.

The tools we employ so that our M&A clients get across the finish line successfully include:


Preparing an analysis of the government policy environment as it may impact the transaction;

Analyzing the specific issues relevant to judgments to be made by Industry Canada, the CRTC, the Competition Bureau and other relevant regulators and public agencies;

Identifying public and hidden stakeholders, proponents and opponents;

Developing sector specific stakeholder persuasion messaging, for investors, financial advisers and other market opinion makers;

Developing and supporting execution of stakeholder and the government relations campaigns;

Preparing research-tested paid media and other communications products;

Participating in or team leading groups of advisers and consultants.


If you would like an introduction to Earnscliffe’s deep experience working with successful M&A teams, please be in touch with us.