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Media Training

Dealing with the media is not a natural talent, nor is it an art. Successful media relations are a craft that can be learned through media training—a set of skills that improve with practice.

Whatever the format, anticipation and preparation are keys to a successful media encounter. It’s also critical to start with a clear understanding of the news business, how reporters think, how they work, what they look for in a story, and how they will define, redefine or "frame" what they find.

That is where our media training courses start, with a clear understanding of the contemporary newsroom, today’s range of media platforms, how “news” is defined, and what to expect from different media.

Our practical media training focuses on anticipating and preparing the questions, defining your audience, and developing effective messages. And then we practice, practice, practice. We role play, watch the tapes and improve the skills.

Our media training services include:

Principles of media interaction

Defining your audience

Interview preparation

Key message development

Interview control techniques

Role playing and mock interviews, and performance evaluation

Replicating real-life interview scenarios

Case study modules

Verbal and non-verbal communication coaching

Do's and don'ts for effective interviews


Our media trainers are experienced journalists and political activists who have been on both sides of the microphone. We have run communications war rooms in election campaigns. We know how to ask the toughest questions – and know how to answer them.

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