Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Executive Speech Writing

Putting words in another person’s mouth is always risky business, but speechwriters do it all the time. The principal task of the speechwriter is not to produce soaring rhetoric, but rather to express the speaker’s personality, passions and perspectives in his or her own voice.

"Finding the voice" requires the speechwriter to learn how the speaker thinks, reasons, and builds and expresses an argument. Equally important is understanding the audience—their concerns and expectations—to build a speech that matches their needs with the messages the speaker wishes to impart.

Our speechwriting services include:

Customized speeches tailored to the individual, company and issue

Building speeches from strategic narratives

Capturing the voice of the individual

Rapid turnaround

Award-winning writers

Collaborative and iterative development

Speeches for a specific event, or multiple-speech strategic cycles/campaigns

Delivery coaching


At Earnscliffe, our speechwriters have done it all: Throne Speeches, federal and provincial Budget speeches, addresses to the UN General Assembly, appearances before Standing Committees of Parliament and submissions to regulatory commissions. Our clients have included Prime Ministers, senior Cabinet Ministers, provincial Premiers, corporate CEOs, national association executives and CEOs of major national agencies.

To learn how we can help you with your speechwriting challenges, please contact us.